Speech Tools Therapy collaborates closely with a diverse array of healthcare providers, offering comprehensive services such as:

  • High-caliber clinical consultancy, encompassing assessments and intervention packages tailored to meet the needs of service users.
  • Specialised support for care planning.
  • Supervision for both junior and specialist level speech and language therapists.
  • Dysphagia training for all staff groups, including care and catering teams.
  • Communication skills and conversational partner training.
  • Bespoke programmes for Nil by Mouth clients, including mouthcare regimes and Biozoon (flavoured air) therapy.

Communication Passports

A Communication Passport offers a supportive and individualised method for conveying crucial details about individuals facing complex communication challenges, particularly those who struggle to articulate their needs verbally.

Communication passports a have positive impact on positive behaviour support (PBS) planning

Research indicates that communication difficulties often underlie many challenging behaviours exhibited by individuals. Developing a communication passport is an effective strategy to ensure that all people working with client understand their most effective communication methods