1. Referral

Referral can be made by you, your family or a case manager.

2. Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is usually a 90 minute session that will assess your speech and language therapy needs.

Following the session, an assessment report is provided along with treatment recommendations.

3. Ongoing Therapy

Therapy sessions usually last 60 minutes and are based on improvement of communication and/or swallowing abilities.

Our therapists are based in the East Midlands. However, due to the specialist nature of our work, we cover a large geographical area including:

  • North-East
  • North-West
  • London
  • Wales
  • Midlands
  • South-East
  • South-West

For individuals

We offer:

  • swallowing assessments
  • intensive and timely swallowing rehabilitation, including direct therapy, feeding equipment, positioning, education, and texture modification
  • comprehensive communication assessments
  • bespoke goal-oriented communication rehabilitation
  • assistive technology
  • communication partner training
  • reports to other health professionals

In some cases an individual may benefit from intensive speech and language therapy input to maximise their potential for improvement. In these cases an assistant may visit you in addition to your therapist to increase the number of sessions you receive without significant cost implications.

All of our assistants have extensive training and experience in communication disorders.

For health care providers

Speech Tools Therapy provides consultancy services to a range of healthcare providers. We offer:

  • high-calibre clinical consultancy services to include assessments and intervention packages for service users
  • communication and dysphagia supervision for junior- and specialist-level speech and language therapists
  • dysphagia training packages for all staff groups including catering and care teams

Current and Previous Clients